Mark Charlton

Mark Charlton

Since graduating in linguistics 10 years ago, Mark has travelled extensively, volunteering with various garden and sustainability projects, attending workshops about everything from foraging to philosophy. Food has always been his biggest passion, both academically and practically, and his exploration continues to reveal the many ways in which our relationship to it shapes our lives and connects us.

He recently joined 'Sunseed' after completing an internship in economic and rural development. He is interested in what living as part of a community entails in which similar beliefs about stewardship of the environment can be engaged with in both a pragmatic and intellectual way.

With his feet firmly on the crumbling canyon ground, Mark Charlton discusses the value of subscribing to ideologies from ships that sailed, and sunk, many years ago.

‘The less room you give me, the more space I’ve got...’ Björk – ‘Alarm Call’ lyrics

Want to know what extreme sustainability looks like? Follow Mark in his journey of hands-in-the-dirt reflection and discovery