Magnolia Lafleur

Magnolia Lafleur

Magnolia is a Freelance Journalist and a Professional Track athlete who competes as a member of the Trinidad & Tobago National Team.

Born in Sacramento, CA from a Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and Omaha, NE, Magnolia has had a cultural upbringing that has infused her writing with depth and passion. 

She graduated from California State University Long Beach with a B.A in Journalism and spent a year in London completing an International Business Certificate.  

Eagerly, with a deep-seeded desire to make a difference, she contributes to Sublime by keeping abreast of the latest sustainable and ethical product, business, and technology developments. 

She balances her love of Journalism writing and running professionally with her love of creative writing and film by screenwriting and updating her blog on the titillating things that provoke her mind: art, love, and the human condition.

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