Laura Santamaria

Laura Santamaria

Editor in Chief

Laura is a branding and communication consultant with a global vision and strong awareness of customer trends, sustainability and fashion. She co-founded Santamaria Design Consultants in 1995, specialising in branding and new product development. For the last eight years her work has focused on applying her branding and marketing strategy experience gained by working in the business sector to benefit not-for-profit organisations.

Ada Ooi is a vivacious and clever entrepreneurial young woman who has succeeded in combining professional wisdom with the beauty traditions of her ancestors. Throw into the mix her curious mind, attention to detail and her passion for dance, art and photography and you will get the essence of what is distilled in 001 Skincare

A radical, inspiring, agenda-setting critique that shows how neo-liberal economics has invaded every area of society, including our most intimate decisions

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