Katrine Carstens

Katrine Carstens

Katrine Carstens is Danish, but has spent a decade in London as well as experiencing life the Netherlands and Switzerland. Landing in journalism via International Development, she has spent time living and working with the Pondo people of the Wild Coast in South Africa and was involved with an NGO in Geneva training journalists from developing countries on climate change, food security and peace building. Inspired by working with these journalists, she took the plunge and studied with the London School of Journalism before joining Sublime Magazine. She has a long standing interest in sustainability and what makes the wheels of society go around.

Ten years ago in Cape Town, a group of major players in the tourism industry gathered to discuss the future of a type of tourism that would do no harm, indeed even aim to improve conditions for the ecology and people of the destinations visited. They called this 'Responsible Travel' and the result was the Cape Town Declaration

Blessed with gorgeous coastlines, Cyprus conjures up images of lazy days by the sea, soaking up the sunshine set to a soundtrack of gently lapping waves. However in later years, this idyllic picture has been gradually spoilt by litter, cigarette butts and noise pollution. Not exactly the makings of a relaxing holiday to soothe the soul

Despite being quite a tome, this book is surprisingly accessible and perfect for curling up with in front of the fire. It presents a new perspective on the past and is, essentially, a back-to-front history lesson – a rare experience in itself. Each chapter begins in the present day and reverses back through time to unravel a tangle of trials by tribe and ducal duels

Ever since its first mission over 23 years ago, London’s Air Ambulance has not only tended to the needs of the 10m people who live, work and commute in London, but it has also become a leading service attracting doctors from all over the world

Famous for being litigious, to get the results they want, Americans just ‘lawyer up’. When it comes to environment legislation, Europe has a thing or two to learn. James Thornton is just the guy to teach us