Katrine Carstens

Katrine Carstens

Katrine Carstens is Danish, but has spent a decade in London as well as experiencing life the Netherlands and Switzerland. Landing in journalism via International Development, she has spent time living and working with the Pondo people of the Wild Coast in South Africa and was involved with an NGO in Geneva training journalists from developing countries on climate change, food security and peace building. Inspired by working with these journalists, she took the plunge and studied with the London School of Journalism before joining Sublime Magazine. She has a long standing interest in sustainability and what makes the wheels of society go around.

Socially Conscious Design for Critical Causes

As part of the Nour Festival of Light, a celebration of arts from the Middle East and North Africa, a little bit of Baghdad was recreated on a rainy winter night in west London. Sublime was invited by Lamees Ibrahim, author of The Iraqi Cookbook, to enjoy a unique Iraqi food showcase

Fair Trade products such as coffee, chocolate and fruit have been available for nearly 50 years, but it has only been in the last decade or so that the concept has been extended to tourism. Johannesburg is pioneering this innovative type of tourism

Imagine waking up on the water every day in your very own floating home. The idea is an inviting one.

From a traditional wine-making family in Austria, Birgit Pfneisz, 26 and her sister, Katrin, 22 broke the mould and located their own venture across the border in Hungary. Shaking off convention, they released their combined talents: Birgit as a vintner and Katrin as a businesswoman. The result: a whole new approach to wine making