Katrine Carstens

Katrine Carstens

Katrine Carstens is Danish, but has spent a decade in London as well as experiencing life the Netherlands and Switzerland. Landing in journalism via International Development, she has spent time living and working with the Pondo people of the Wild Coast in South Africa and was involved with an NGO in Geneva training journalists from developing countries on climate change, food security and peace building. Inspired by working with these journalists, she took the plunge and studied with the London School of Journalism before joining Sublime Magazine. She has a long standing interest in sustainability and what makes the wheels of society go around.

From the moment you enter Lefay Eco Resort and Spa you get the sense of indulgence, blending in smoothly with the surrounding landscape. It embodies a concept that is emerging as the new luxury – global wellness that is effortless, elegant and sustainable

Surrounded by Senegal on three sides with the Atlantic Ocean on the fourth, The Gambia is a tiny sliver of land hugging its namesake river. This might be a small country, but it has a big personality and a huge smile. It is also a poor nation but despite this there is incredible richness in the culture and sense of community

What does an electric car parade, micro-credit, music festivals and the world’s first CO2 neutral hotel group have to do with each other? In this crazy world – a lot!

It is no secret that trains have a considerably smaller carbon footprint than planes. And when it comes to European travel, flying is definitely not the only comfortable option

Written with tourism industry professsionals in mind, this book is equally useful for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of how to be a better traveller. Through perceptive anecdotes and thought-provoking scenarios it offers a brilliant insight into the complex impacts of tourism today and how we can make it more responsible