Julia Sumi

Julia Sumi

Originally from Switzerland, Julia Sumi is now based in the UK where she works as a writer and is busy photographing whilst studying Fashion and Culture Journalism.

Before her studies she explored India and South East Asia where she was working as a volunteer helping to build an orphanage for disabled children.

Julia loves good food, photography, textiles and film and cannot say no to a nice cappuccino. 

Eager to make a difference and promote good causes she contributes to the fashion pages of Sublime.

In the USA each person generates an average of 4.5 pounds of waste every day. Not so at Bea Johnson’s and her family, who lead a Zero Waste lifestyle, producing only just under 1 litre waste per year. The recently launched book on Bea’s experience gives us tips on how to do the same. The mother of two talks about her motivation, the benefits of having a waste-free and simplified home, and finding the right balance

When Mike Newman took over the vegan shoe label Ethical Wares twenty years ago, it only offered two varieties of boots. The brand now stocks nearly 500 pairs. But Mike is not only involved in sustainable business, he also dedicates his private life to creating a better world

Sir Ken Robinson, famous for his TED talks on education and the importance of creativity and author of Finding Your Element talks to us about his own element and what holds us back from happiness and why taking responsibility for our lives is key

In 2010, fed up with constant progress, travel writer Sylvain Tesson spent six months in a cabin on the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia, seventy-five miles away from the nearest village. It was the first time in the traveller’s life he wasn’t moving but standing still. To Sublime he talks about solitude, the privilege of being European and his experience in the blank vastness

Product designer Merel Karhof draws inspiration from every day observations and inspections of her surroundings. She curiously unfolds the overlooked and creates designs that tell their very own unique stories. For her most recent project, Windworks, she’s designing upholstered furniture in collaboration with three historical windmills in the Netherlands