Jeremy Leggett

Jeremy Leggett

Jeremy Leggett is founder and chairman of Solarcentury, a solar solutions company currently the UK's fastest growing private energy company, and founder and chairman of SolarAid, an African development charity set up with Solarcentury profits. Author of Half Gone, The Carbon War and other books, he is an advocate for clean energy in the international media, including as a CNN Principal Voice, he has been described by the Observer as 'Britain’s most respected green energy boss.'

Business is business, whatever bright new model you follow. Ultimately the banks and the government are still in charge. Could we ourselves do any better? The answer is, of course, Yes we can

In the energy arena, battle lines are being drawn in a global struggle for hearts and minds.

Big business is fast realising that, in economic terms, things can’t go on in the same way for much longer. But is anything being done? Where to begin?

As the governments of the Western world go head to head with protestors and industry chiefs who would like to see trade and the economy overhauled from the bottom up, could we really be on the brink of a new way of life

We hear much talk of a green new deal today, from politicians of all persuasions. It makes so much sense: a government-led reflation of ailing economies, akin to the 1930s New Deal, creating millions of new jobs. Only this time green ones, so that we can address global warming and energy security at the same time as we haul ourselves out of the downturn. Much of the infrastructure renewal will be in the energy arena, as President Obama’s inauguration speech made clear. Here the journey to a green new deal was already under way at the time the financial crisis hit us. Politicians will beworking with the grain