Jeremy Leggett

Jeremy Leggett

Jeremy Leggett is founder and chairman of Solarcentury, a solar solutions company currently the UK's fastest growing private energy company, and founder and chairman of SolarAid, an African development charity set up with Solarcentury profits. Author of Half Gone, The Carbon War and other books, he is an advocate for clean energy in the international media, including as a CNN Principal Voice, he has been described by the Observer as 'Britain’s most respected green energy boss.'

Our old institutions, the banks, government and city fathers, have led us to believe that they have earned a place at the heart of society. A heart that, as we have witnessed over the last few years, is no longer beating true

As 2012 gets under way, the battle between the Big Energy boys and the renewables advocates is getting serious, in the face of some truly ridiculous odds. Extreme PR manoeuvres have been in evidence, too

The current government in Britain appears to be playing fast and loose with some fantastic renewable energy opportunities – and ones that could provide much-needed jobs. what is that about?

The time is approaching when hanging on to familiar notions of oil dependency, the big book of banking and growth at any price will no longer be workable. We may be obliged to rewrite the rules – all of them

A series of major crises that have rocked Britain was recently topped by the Murdoch phone-hacking affair. Anyone now seeking to work a niche interest in a corridor of power had better watch it