Hanspeter Kuenzler

Hanspeter Kuenzler

Hanspeter Kuenzler left Switzerland due to the usual musical differences and arrived in London just as Rip Rig & Panic were tearing up the rule books. He stumbled into journalism more by luck than design. He has been earning his CD tokens by writing about music in particular and the arts in general ever since. Today, his features appear regularly in Switzerland's Neue Zürcher Zeitung, NZZ am Sonntag, Du, Annabelle, and Germany's Musik Express. For several years he produced and presented a weekly music show on the BBC World Service, and he appears frequently on Radio DRS in Switzerland.

When Ron Sexsmith decided to ditch his rock band and become a singer-songwriter in the classic mould, it was a step that took a great deal of courage. In the late 1980s, singer-songwriters were still suffering from a severe image problem. They were seen as part of the post-1960s malaise – overgrown, would-be adolescents wallowing in egocentricity and spineless self- pity. Since the early 1990s, however, and thanks in part to Sexsmith’s sterling groundwork, singer-songwriters – the odder in looks and outlook the better – have enjoyed a renaissance. Today, Sexsmith counts artists as diverse as Steve Earle, k.d. lang and Feist among his fans, whilst Michael Bublé covered his song ‘Whatever It Takes’. The 47-year-old Canadian recorded his twelfth and latest album with legendary producer Bob Rock in Los Angeles – an experience documented in an affecting film, Love Shines.

Sublime sits down with Adele Bethel, founder of Brit-punk-flavoured band Sons & Daughters, who have succeeded in marking themselves out from the teeming, talented Glasgow scene

After many years of nomadic existence, Feist finally stopped moving and sat down to write her fifth album, Metals

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