David Buckland

David Buckland

Since 2001 David Buckland has created and now directs the Cape Farewell project, bringing artists, scientists and educators together to collectively address and raise awareness about climate change. The artists have already been the subject of a film for The Culture Show and a BBC documentary.

David is a designer, artist and film-maker whose lens-based works have been exhibited in numerous galleries in London, Paris and New York and collected by the National Portrait Gallery, London, the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, the Metropolitan Museum, New York and the Getty Collection, Los Angeles amongst others.

The present climate nightmare is a perfect example of two kinds of intelligence locked in a battle: the rational beauty of scientific progress, and then how we address the reality it uncovers

With recessionary trends set to continue and governments ever deeper in denial about the effects of fossil-fuels, a space is opening up into which artists can join climate scientists to bring beauty, clarity – and a warning

The Cape Farewell project has gone global, with a Foundation now established in Toronto. This takes me far and wide, and onto the frontline of the international cultural shift needed to address human excess. The question I ask is, what do we need to do to protect our habitat, and how could we evolve a way of living that is even more exciting and a lot less destructive than the one we currently practise?