Daisy Stenham

Daisy Stenham

Daisy loves to write, see galleries and see films. A recent graduate from Kings College London with a degree in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, she has decided to pursue a career in journalism. Daisy is currently a freelance writer for The Cob Gallery and Sublime

Helping others is a core value of Citizens of Humanity. Their newly launched charity video campaign Just Like You is designed to inspire people to pursue their dreams and supports others. From designers to athletes, chefs to artists, the people selected to participate in this series represent a select group of innovators from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests who are connected by their abilities to overcome obstacles and learn life lessons along the way

It’s the day of the Downtown dandy. On our screens Don Draper drains whiskey like milk and with the impeding release of the The Great Gatsby it’s time to bring Brideshead back

In The Show Trial of Mark Kennedy & Mark Stone, artist Simon Farid interprets this unique story through video installation and live performance art. Television screens throughout the exhibition relay intimate interviews with Kennedy dressed both as himself and as Mark Stone alongside one another. The walls of the gallery are papered with newspaper articles methodically charting a legacy of one of the most fascinating deceptions in our collective memory

It's reassuring to know that in today's economic climate innovative young talent is still being given a platform to express itself. This is particularly the case with furniture design which is, at times, an underrepresented niche in young emerging art scenes. In April of this year eight seminal young Chilean designers were selected to showcase their work at the international Salone Satellite furniture fair in Milan