Aine Carlin

Aine Carlin

Having come from a background in acting and performance, Aine has since moved her attention to her passion for ethical food and fashion writing.

Originally hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, she has lived in London, Chicago and Cornwall. The Cornish coast has her heart and she hopes to one day live near the ocean where she can indulge her love for the sea.

Aine also holds a masters in contemporary music and she likes to keep life varied and is excited about the next phase of her professional adventure.

Great news – health is in! After years of crash diet trends it would seem that we are finally accepting that a balanced, wholefoods orientated lifestyle is the only way to maintain a healthy weight and keep our insides happy too. With companies like Honestly Healthy now doing all the hard work for us, there really is no excuse to reach for cheap and nasty convenience food when you have plant based meals delivered to your door

Summer is just around the corner and seeing as the sun has finally decided to grace us with its appearance here in London, we thought it only too appropriate to offer up some attire that will keep you looking and feeling cool in those impending long hot days. We've trawled the net on your behalf to find a selection of the prettiest printed dresses on the market. Here's our top summer dress picks, we hope you agree they are the cream of the frocks

Every week we hope to feature a blog or website that has caught our attention for one reason or another. It goes without saying it will have a sustainable outlook and promote a lifestyle that falls in line with the ethos of Sublime. This week we take a look at the wonderfully inspiring family behind the site Urban Homestead, a pioneering idea put in practice, which clearly demonstrates that farming need not just be an exclusive countryside pursuit

It's not exactly news that bee colonies have been in steady decline worldwide over the past several decades. With intensive farming being cited as one of the main causes we take a brief look at the other possible reasons for what is commonly known as colony collapse disorder. Whilst it may seem easy to point the finger at pesticides and intensive farming – which no doubt play a part – many scientists are now looking for other possible reasons to explain their dramatic and worrying downfall

Regardless how you feel about the tactics of the controversial figure that is Captain Paul Watson, one cannot deny he has been hugely, if not single handedly responsible for the saving of countless whales lives.  You will usually find him at the helm of his ‘battleship’, the Steve Irwin, from which he has led many a brave environmentalist into ‘war’, often putting their own lives on the line, all in the name of whaling – or stopping thereof