Aine Carlin

Aine Carlin

Having come from a background in acting and performance, Aine has since moved her attention to her passion for ethical food and fashion writing.

Originally hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, she has lived in London, Chicago and Cornwall. The Cornish coast has her heart and she hopes to one day live near the ocean where she can indulge her love for the sea.

Aine also holds a masters in contemporary music and she likes to keep life varied and is excited about the next phase of her professional adventure.

It’s Meat Free Monday, which means many people across the globe will be forgoing their usual meat filled fodder for something of the vegetarian variety. Here at Sublime we love nothing more than a wholesome meal full to the brim of vegetables, pulses and most importantly flavour! Who says vegetarian meals can’t be as satisfying, filling and interesting? With the British summer in full swing (hello rain!), we’re not craving salads and instead reaching for a bowlful of steaming hot goodness

For many of us the weekend is the only time we get to indulge in a little cooking therapy. Whether we retreat to our own kitchens or ones further afield, having an armory of simple and delicious recipes up our sleeves is crucial

Buy a pair, Give a pair. That’s the motto at the core of Panda, an ethical eyewear company that truly believes in social and environmental change. With sustainability also placed firmly at the forefront of their business, they are able to provide high quality, stylish sunglasses by choosing to handcraft them from eco-friendly bamboo and recycled polycarbonates. Offering a wide selection of impossibly trendy specs to suit both sexes we think everybody should be donning a pair this summer

It's no exaggeration to say we are in the midst of a global water shortage. Here in the UK we felt some of the effects with the recent hosepipe ban but in reality this is just the tip of the iceberg. We may take water for granted here in rainy Britain but with an ever increasing demand for it - thanks to population growth, industrialisation and urbanisation -we are quickly reaching crisis point. We give you some practical tips on how we as individuals can make an impact on a local level that really will make a difference

Big business and sustainability don’t normally go hand in hand. So when giant of the coffee shop industry, the mighty Starbucks, launched a new initiative back in 2008 with an aim to eventually have most, if not all stores LEED certified, many could not contain their astonishment. But with a history of environmentalism and sustainability, this new programme only cements their reputation as a company with real vision. We take a look at their latest ‘green’ coffee shop venture in Amsterdam to discover more about these exciting changes