Harriet Matthews

Harriet Matthews

A first-class honours arts graduate from the University of Leeds, with a passion for the ways in which sustainability intersects with arts, culture, media and sociology. She currently works at a forest school in Brighton and enjoys working with young children to encourage their understanding and embodied experience of the natural world.

The UN and UK have recently introduced a ‘Right to Repair Act’, marking a distinct step in recognising the need to shift to more efficient and sustainable consumption and production. The act legally requires white goods manufacturers to provide spare parts for all their products.

Conversations around unsustainable fashion consumption have become a hot topic over the past few years. With the average garment worn only 10 times before being thrown away, the speed and relentlessness of fashion trend forecasting has given rise to an unquenchable thirst for ‘new’.

The multitude of environmental problems with the standard petrol/diesel car are well-known, from air pollution to climate change. But for those ready to make the transition to carbon-neutral, where do we start in demystifying the rapidly-expanding market of electric cars?