Jasmina Matulewicz

Jasmina Matulewicz

Professional journalist based in London, Jasmina has a passion for sustainability and a particular liking for writing about conscious fashion, eco-travel, and plant-based food. A keen traveller, she has lived all around the globe, freelancing as a ghost-writer and voice-over actress. 

How does an artist combat plastic pollution in his small corner of the world? Sublime speaks to New York-based Manaure Peñalver on transforming discarded buoys into environmental statement pieces.

Shopping patterns have changed drastically since the world went into lockdown, but with restrictions easing, supporting independent businesses both online and in-store can make a huge difference to the green economy. Sublime recommends four stores that strive to put positive impact before profit.

Though the world slowly curves towards a new normal, sustainability should be a priority. Through ensuring that their work creates real positive change, these four entrepreneurs never settle for ‘business as usual’.

Italy happens to be one of Europe’s most visited countries, with 58.3 million travellers per year, and yet international escapes to such iconic destinations often come with a cost to local residents, the environment, and the authenticity of your experience. Sublime introduces Italy's best-kept secret with an exclusive glance into the family-run Oliveto Estate.

‘I have nothing to wear,’ you think, staring into an overflowing wardrobe. The devil on your shoulder, a trillion-dollar industry in disguise, tells you that the answer lies in a brand-new outfit.