08 November 2019

Brighten Your Winter

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Combat the winter blues with a gentle flicker of a flame, mood-boosting scents, and a passion for the environment. Sublime reviews five candles that don’t fail to impress with aesthetics, ingredients, and a potential for change.


Some would argue that the festive season isn't complete without a candle or two setting a cosy atmosphere. And there’s nothing better than one that’s 100 percent sustainable. Mass-produced candles tend to contain paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum, which releases toxins into the air when burned. And while it’s rare, some manufacturers still put zinc and lead in their wicks, and you don’t want those polluting your home.

Muri candles come to life in East London, natural soy wax and cotton wicks making them vegan, eco-friendly, and safe for our lungs.

English Rain is hand-poured into a recycled jar, not only giving it an extra touch of personality but already inspiring creative projects one the candle will have served its purpose. At 180ml, it’s a perfect palm-sized gift, travel buddy, or a simple way of setting a relaxing atmosphere without going over-the-top.

English Rain reminds us to appreciate the rain (although sometimes it’s difficult, especially if you live in the UK), its earthy, revitalising scent mimicking the effect a downpour has on nature. The name itself is magical, romantic – the beauty of rain from the comfort of home.



When the world feels like a dark place, both figuratively and literally, sometimes lighting a candle can bring positivity back into our lives. The #Reconciliation Luxury Scented Candle comes with a twist: it represents a noble cause.

Set up by Sublime Magazine, #Reconciliation is a crowd-funding initiative, aiming to raise money for the creation of an editorial site, where contributors will be invited to share stories of hope from around the world. The candle itself is crafted by a prestigious candle-making family in Lombardy, Italy. It’s vegan, natural, sustainable, and guarantees 90 hours of burn time – perfect for shedding some light when winter nights feel almost never-ending.

We believe that:

- Reconciliation narratives can stop wars and displacement.
- Reconciliation message could bring prosperity to the poor. 
- Reconciliation stories could transform fighters into peacemakers. 

If your values align with ours, we invite you to add your voice. We want this message to be visible. 

The #Reconciliation candle is currently available in one scent: Amber. Warm, musky, and rich, it complements its sleek, black glass casing nicely, bringing a taste of Italian class into our homes.

We face a global crisis, with 71 million people suffering the results of war, persecution, and climate change. When the flame tells a powerful story, the candle becomes a beacon of compassion, unity, and respect.

Support the #Reconciliation initiative here.


Nature is powerful; there’s no doubt about it. Working with aromatherapy, colour associations, and crystals, Littlemore candles are the ultimate proof that holistic healing is ever-growing in popularity, and irreplaceable in beauty.

Hand-poured and made from soy wax, Lemon and Lime is decorated with local botanicals, biodegradable glitter, and an embedded green aventurine, the stone of intelligence, comfort, and creativity. And although Littlemore candles are infused with essential oils, the refreshing and uplifting scent transports you to another world.

The comfort of a fireplace as the wooden wick crackles, the simplicity of the glass jar, and the metaphysical properties of the crystal create an atmosphere so magical you won’t want to blow it out.



‘Light me, repeat my message and believe,’ reads the metal tin of I Choose Rest by Seven Seventeen. And, as promised, the beautiful floral aroma really does relax the body and the mind.

Hand-poured into a travel tin with a screw-top lid, I Choose Rest makes it easy to practice mindfulness on the go and find peace amongst the chaos of our hectic everyday lives. The founders of Seven Seventeen relished nothing more than the ritual of lighting a candle at the end of a long day, kids in bed and cup of tea in hand.

It seems it is possible to make a difference in people’s lives just by striking a match, after all. Over the years, Seven Seventeen are proud to have donated over £20,000 to charities like Calm, Sane, and Pandas Foundation, ten percent of the profits from I Choose Rest specifically going towards The ME Association.

Affirmation candles inspire awareness of the world around us as much as the world inside of our heads, reminding us to take a breath.



‘Gender is the one thing we really don’t care about,’ Laboratory Perfumes’ website states proudly, because scent knows no gender.

Beautifully presented in lab-inspired jars, versatile and unconventional Laboratory Perfumes candles are blended in the UK from local flowers, essential oils, and herbs, all ingredients and packaging sustainably sourced.

With a small supply chain and expertise in eau de toilette and candle-making, the transparency of the brand is worthy of respect. Laboratory Perfumes have everything thought through, all strings tied up, and all priorities on the environment.

‘A pinch of spicy juniper berries, citrus oil and an intoxicating trio of lavender, rosemary and basil,’ reads Samphire’s description. And every single one of those scents is present, taking you on a brisk walk along the beach, fresh air waking your senses.


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