15 September 2009

Conquering Carbon

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Conquering Carbon brings something new to the climate-change debate by unpacking in detail how the global community can deal with the problem through the carbon markets

Conquering Carbon by Felicia JacksonCentral to Jackson’s thinking is that putting a price on carbon in a capitalist economy would cut emissions, while her argument for altering our relationship with carbon by learning how best to manage and prevent the loss of our resources in order to increase our sustainability is compelling. Also helpful is that she goes on to explore ways in which we can help cut carbon emissions, how and whether these techniques work, and what using them is going to mean to us all.

Climate change is an issue which can seem overwhelming in its scale and potential impact on the future. By understanding the role of carbon, its price, the market and the power of the consumer, readers of this book will be better placed to affect the development of climate-change legislation and political will.

Conquering Carbon by Felicia Jackson (New Holland Publishers) £9.99 

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