17 July 2012

A Green Hotel in a Foggy City

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Peacefully tucked away in a noisy alcove near Union Square in foggy downtown San Francisco, Orchard Garden Hotel, is a one-of- a- kind sustainable hotel offering its guests the union of luxury and restful nights in a busy city. With sound insulated walls, the Orchard Garden is the third hotel in the U.S. and fourth hotel in the world to attain a LEED certification

Being the first LEED certified Green hotel in California, the Orchard Garden Hotel also leads in being the first hotel in San Francisco to utilize a guestroom key card that controls each room’s lighting and mechanical systems. This state of the art key system used throughout Europe and Asia works by inserting it into an inconspicuous box upon entering that automatically turns on the lights and air-condition or heating in the room as well as turning the room “off” upon leaving. This thrifty key, alone, conserves up to 20% of energy consumption in the hotel.

Thomas Loughlin, the front office manager at the hotel says that although the hotel boast to being extremely eco-friendly even down to the construction of the building being made from 100% recycled steel, and textiles for the drapes, duvet bed covers, couch materials and more, being made with 50-86% recycled material, guests are able to have the same plush experience they would at any other high-end non-sustainable hotel.

Rooftop-OGHAside from being eco-friendly, the Orchard Garden Hotel offers amazing packages for their guest to indulge in the hotels amenities while embracing the “green” in San Francisco such as the San Francisco Corporate Event, Discover San Francisco tour package and Dinner is served package. Just in time before the summer ends, the Orchard Garden Hotel offers guest a sophisticated environment with eco-friendly amenities, a garden, and a delectable organic food restaurant, Roots. The Orchard Garden Hotel is definitely proof according to Thomas that, “You don’t have to diminish quality by being eco- friendly.” 

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