01 December 2017

A Secret Garden

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If you wander down into the garden today, you will find all of nature’s little secrets for health and healing at your fingertips. Which garden you ask? Organic Natural Garden, the latest natural and organic beauty product store

With so many fabulous natural beauty brands out in the world, there is always a plentiful garden ready to bring them together. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses!

Text1OrganicGardenThere are many reasons why more of us are seeking a more authentic and conscious lifestyle with what we consume. For Marina Walker, it was a serious illness. She began reading, which led her to change the way her and her family lived. Marina acknowledged that even the most ecologically conscious person cannot live by not washing and looking after our hair and skin, so Marina began opting for more natural alternatives. As they say, great change always begins with the self.

“The idea to live as organically as possible just made me feel happier and healthier”

“I read lots of information about chemicals being used in everyday cosmetics and beauty products. I was taken aback when I understood how bad it is for us. We urgently need to do something about the way we live and the future of our planet.”

This passion for natural and organic products brought up an earlier idea for running her own business, with Marina’s background in certified accounting skills.

“With Organic Natural Garden, suddenly I was able to pass on the message to a wider society that using natural and organic materials is just the way forward - and the way our predecessors used to live.”

The brand name, Organic Natural Garden, is a simple statement with a clear message. Perhaps the garden invokes images of green trees and flowers, and takes you back to happy childhood memories when we lived in the magical moment. It certainly does for Marina.

Having lived in the UK for 13 years, Marina is originally from Latvia, and recalls growing up in nature, and being all too aware that plants are healing agents.

For her, she is particularly proud to represent Madara Cosmetics, a brand which is from her native land and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

With so many natural and organic products out there, Marina wanted to curate her collection, and did so in the most loving way she could.

Text2OrganicGarden“I choose all products based on my own experience in using them. I choose brands that are either established within the organic society, or brands that are emerging, and I always look for founders who have a background in producing successful organic produce.”

Added to Madara are a few more unusual products, which you might be surprised even exist! Marina’s favourite is the Evolve Satin Leg Gloss, which acts like a fake tan but is made completely out of organic materials and, according to her, works the same wonder, if not better than the usual high street brands.

There is also Bentley Organic Toy Sanitiser for babies. “So clever and sensible,” Marina muses, “you wouldn’t easily find these on your own or expect such products to exist.”

There are many anti-ageing products in Organic Natural Garden. Marina acknowledges that anti-ageing skincare is the top priority of the cosmetic industry as “we all want to look younger of remain young.”

“Many high street brands use technology and combine chemicals to make anti-ageing products work. I personally completely disagree with this.”

“I believe that in order for our skin to remain looking young we must use available natural ingredients, as well as sunscreen products to protect our skin from sun damage.”

Marina is also an advocate for the expression we are what we eat, and knows the way it can affect our skin.

Going from a passionate consumer to setting up her own online store became a game changer for her, in which she began to read every single product ingredient. She had to discover a whole new vocabulary as she continued her research.

Text3OrganicGardenMarina also focuses on established accreditations and certification systems.

“There are still many products and brands that call themselves organic, however they only contain a small amount of natural or organic ingredients, this is why it becomes harder for consumers to differentiate, and why accreditation is useful.”

“For example, Madara Cosmetics has got ECOCERT certification. This is highly regulated and requires there to be at least 95% organic ingredients in each product.”

Marina is also a member of the Soil Association, which allows her to differentiate between ingredients that they promote in the organic ingredients industry.

“Our bestselling products as of now are Madara Superseed Age Recovery Organic Facial Oil, Evolve African Orange Aromatic Wash, Lavera Hand Cream, and Dr. Bronner Lavender Shaving Gel. My personal favourite product, just because it is so unique, is Green People Quinoa & Artichoke shampoo. During my lifetime I have used an enormous amount of different shampoos both high street brands and natural ones and this one is just the best! The combination of ingredients are so perfect that it works with the structure of hair and not only repairs it, but makes it even grow quicker. I absolutely love it!”

Marina is looking forward to seeing more people realise the benefits of organic and natural living, as she continues to develop her flourishing brand.




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