Who's Next?

The search is on for answers to a growing number of ever more urgent questions of a global nature. Are the questions so new to us that only the young have a hope of providing solutions? Or can we look to the older and wiser for help? Could clarity emerge from a dynamic collaboration between the two?

I Spend, Therefore I Am

A radical, inspiring, agenda-setting critique that shows how neo-liberal economics has invaded every area of society, including our most intimate decisions

A Gift for Life

Beyond the feel good choice of ‘making a difference’, photographer and social storyteller Tom Price latest project focuses the lens on the people behind our charity donations

The Democracy Project

2011 was a year of revolution. The Arab Spring was followed by a summer of protests across Southern Europe, with the Occupy movement emerging in the US in the autumn. Beginning with Occupy Wall Street in New York, camps sprang up in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities and towns – 600 in the US alone

From Ashes to Hope

One chief economist rolled up his sleeves and used his photography to voice the plight of suffering women. Michel Juvet's The Skies Weep No More documents Burundi women's suffering through image and poetry 

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