Set up by Sublime founders Damian & Laura Santamaria to reward companies that don’t do ‘business as usual’, the Sublime Awards recognise their efforts to build a new economic model based on social and environmental respect.

With their innovative business models, these brands inspire us to believe that a sustainable society is not only possible, but also progressive and exciting. The Sublime Awards legitimise and endorse them for their contribution, so that they receive the customer recognition they deserve.

We hope that these initiatives will encourage more brands around the world to raise standards and deliver greater innovation, desirability and social impact.

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#Design To Improve #Life … Thousand of Inspirational articles to keep #Sustainability Relev…
Sublime Magazine #Official Media Sponsor Redress #Design Award 2018 #Ethicalfashion #fashion #sustainability
#Design To Improve #Life Thousand of Inspirational articles to keep #Sustainability Releva…
RT @FarmToHanger: We pride ourselves on being able to give our customers the necessary information about their garments origin! Giving you…