Issue 7 - New Energy

Issue 7 - New Energy

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Recharge Yourself

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It’s a pretty confusing world that we live in. There are die-hard environmentalists who believe in reducing their carbon footprint and waste to as near zero as possible by doing away with life’s simple luxuries like toilet tissue and by semi-starving themselves into a state of listless stupor. But I believe that a sustainable, low-environmental- impact future will come from ‘creative energy’ individuals who value life’s luxuries and use their creative minds to find sustainable low-energy solutions. The world is not going to go back to a subsistence economy: my guess is that the majority would choose to live for today rather than join the climate nay-sayers and take a radical step backwards. Society has to remain a capitalist and thus a consumerist one and become sustainable.


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Oil may have hit $100 a barrel, and an oil company taken a billion dollars revenue in a day for the first time, but recent history suggests that the oil industry will soon fail to keep the global economy supplied with the oil on which it depends. Here are 13 reasons why

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Sublime reflects on our personal energy supplies, with a view to saving ourselves as well as the planet.