01 June 2012

A Weekend to Remember!

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Whether you consider yourself a Royalist or not, this weekend may offer up a chance – perhaps the first for some – to engage with neighbours and celebrate the spirit of community in your area. Given the British propensity for privacy the upcoming Jubilee might be one of the few opportunities you have to meet those that live around you and build real connections. So grab your party hat, join in the street party fun and maybe raise a glass or two to Ma'am

Britain may have a long street party tradition but some of us might not have experienced these unique events until now. Dating back as far as 1897, public street dinners are a significant part of Britain's heritage and have always been a great way of bringing people together – something which certainly goes against the typical British reserve.

These parties are a relaxed way of getting to know people you wouldn't normally spend much time with but who may live as close as next door. If anything the Jubilee has given people the impetus to reach out and discover exactly who it is we share our streets with.

Perhaps you have a received a flyer through the door inviting you to join in a local street party. Even if you are a little reluctant and normally shy away from such things, why not take a leaf out of your ancestors book and bring a little community spirit back to Blighty – if only for the day!duchyale

Most of the organized street parties in the UK will encourage people to bring food to eat and share, something which we're sure HRH Prince Charles would heartily approve of. A staunch supporter of organic farming he established Duchy Originals back in 1990 'to promote organic food and farming and to help protect and sustain the countryside and wildlife', a sentiment that has embodied everything great about this company and seen it go from strength to strength.

Their 'Is Good, Does Good, Taste Good' principle is one that can be felt and indeed tasted in their beautiful range of organic goods – most of them perfect for any street parties you might be attending over the next few days. Whether it's a luxury dessert you are looking or a fragrant organic ale, Duchy Original's has it all. Just don't forget to bring an extra bottle for your neighbour.

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