15 May 2012

Choose Organic. Change the World.

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Eating organically grown food may be the best decision you will ever make. As we increasingly try to lessen our tread on this fragile earth, we can make the most difference when it comes to what we choose to eat three (sometimes more) times a day. But why should we choose organic, what impact does it really have and why must it cost so much more than non-organic produce?

In these difficult economic times, we are all feeling the pinch but never has it been more important that we invest in our own personal health, the health of the planet and, crucially, the other animals that inhabit it also.

It probably goes without saying that vegetables doused in pesticides are not favourable and whilst they may not have any immediate impact on our well being, the cumulative effect of ingesting years of harmful chemicals will eventually result in illness – pesticides have been linked to infertility, cancers and nerve disorders.

 The planet is no different. Like the body, it is adaptable and in some ways magnificently resilient. Yet, there will inevitably come a breaking point when it can no longer cope with the demands we are placing on it. In fact, it is happening already, before our very eyes, affecting everything from our air supply through to the most vital of pollinators – the honey bee.

Unfortunately there is very little positive spin one can put on pesticides but luckily we can lessen any future damage by switching our allegiance from cheap and harmful to organic and healthful. If you’re unsure about where to start and it all seems a little daunting why not trial an organic veg box delivery, something which is now available in most areas. You should mostly receive seasonal produce and much of it will be local to your area, which is another way to curb your carbon footprint.

The Organic Food Delivery Company in London offer a fantastic deal on weekly deliveries with an ever changing seasonal array of fruit and vegetables….and what better way to celebrate all things organic than to create a fabulous fresh mango salsa. It might not be summer yet but that’s no reason not to bring a little sunshine into your kitchen!



1 avocado, chopped into large pieces

10 or 11 Heirloom (or similar) tomatoes, halved or quartered depending on size

½ mango, diced

½ red chilli, finely sliced

Juice ½ lemon or lime

Handful of roughly chopped coriander/cilantro

Sea salt



Place the tomatoes in a bowl and lightly salt. Gently mix.

Add the mango, chilli and mix before including the avocado. Lightly salt, squeeze over the lemon juice and gently stir to incorporate.

Finally stir through the coriander and serve.


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