Tuesday 19 December 2017

Dress [with] Sense

Written by Editorial Team

Dress [with] Sense

As part of Redress's mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry, the NGO published the book Dress [with] Sense this year and Sublime is delighted to be featured.

The book is an attempt to reach new audiences with information on how our clothes impact the environment. They saw a gap in publishing world on this specific issue. Outland Denim said the book was "written for conscious closet rookies" and they hit the nail on the head. We at Sublime are honoured to be featured in the book.
The four chapter guide aims to help you buy better, wear your clothes more creatively, care for your clothes in a more environmentally friendly way, and to dispose of them by swapping, gifting, donating or recycling instead of throwing them away to end up in a landfill somewhere. 
The aim is to help the every day individual for which fashion equals function to the trend loving fashionista make more sustainable choices while still having fun with their wardrobe. A percentage of funds from the sale of the book will support the important work of Redress. You can find the book at several outlets, but if you are in the United Kingdom, France or Hong Kong you can buy directly from Redress to ensure more funds help their work. 

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