Safeera Sarjoo

Safeera Sarjoo

Safeera Sarjoo is a London based journalist, covering a variety of topics and issues within the sustainability umbrella. Adaptable and always looking to delve into the heart of a matter, she graduated from Kingston University in 2010 with a degree in Journalism. She cites the most memorable experience at Sublime as having the opportunity to interview Rachel Galley at the Geneva Motorshow and lists Richard Branson, Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama as the three people she would most want to interview.

Vancouver Eco-Fashion Week has proved once again that ethical fashion can exude elegance and style.

Described as ‘Indiana Jones crossed with Charles Darwin’, Tim Flannery has made it a point to speak up for change, engaging us into thinking about the future for life on our planet.

In the media these days, it seems as if there’s a constant negative emphasis on the state of the environment. Just when we think things can’t get any worse, we’re presented with news of another natural disaster or attempt to save the world as it falls victim to climate change. Tim Flannery, writer, scientist and explorer, holds an optimistic perspective that is apparent in his new book Here on Earth: A New Beginning. As someone who has chaired the Copenhagen Climate Council for three years, and currently sits on the board of WWF International, he holds a wealth of knowledge which he shares here, along with the reasons why he’s still positive about our future.

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