Magnolia Lafleur

Magnolia Lafleur

Magnolia is a Freelance Journalist and a Professional Track athlete who competes as a member of the Trinidad & Tobago National Team.

Born in Sacramento, CA from a Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and Omaha, NE, Magnolia has had a cultural upbringing that has infused her writing with depth and passion. 

She graduated from California State University Long Beach with a B.A in Journalism and spent a year in London completing an International Business Certificate.  

Eagerly, with a deep-seeded desire to make a difference, she contributes to Sublime by keeping abreast of the latest sustainable and ethical product, business, and technology developments. 

She balances her love of Journalism writing and running professionally with her love of creative writing and film by screenwriting and updating her blog on the titillating things that provoke her mind: art, love, and the human condition.

With U.S citizens throwing away 13 million tons of textiles annually, one has to wonder, where do all those garments go? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only a meager 15 percent is recovered for reuse and recycling with the rest occupying landfill space. But as they say, what’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure ... 

For many, stepping outside in the morning without pinning, curling, waxing, heating, plucking, shaving, and sucking in, is more unfathomable than missing breakfast. Society’s obsession with beauty, caused by the constant barrage of images brought to us mainly by advertising, serves as the subject of Sandhi Schimmel Golds’ stunning mixed media potrait series

If you have the type of job that has you working eight hours a day, staring at a computer screen in the middle of a small grey drab cubicle, it might be hard to stir up inspiration and ward off head nodding and boredom. With Americans working an average of 49 hours or more a week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one would think that the type of desk space one sits behind is an important component to work productivity

For most teenagers the moment the school bell rings and summer rolls in, it means parties, non-stop video games, movies, and a time to kick back with friends. But for four teens in Freeport, Maine, spending their summer feeding the hungry and learning to be sustainable farmers, happily redefines their definition of summer fun

Peacefully tucked away in a noisy alcove near Union Square in foggy downtown San Francisco, Orchard Garden Hotel, is a one-of- a- kind sustainable hotel offering its guests the union of luxury and restful nights in a busy city. With sound insulated walls, the Orchard Garden is the third hotel in the U.S. and fourth hotel in the world to attain a LEED certification

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