Laura Santamaria

Laura Santamaria

Editor in Chief

Laura is a branding and communication consultant with a global vision and strong awareness of customer trends, sustainability and fashion. She co-founded Santamaria Design Consultants in 1995, specialising in branding and new product development. For the last eight years her work has focused on applying her branding and marketing strategy experience gained by working in the business sector to benefit not-for-profit organisations.

The future of fashion is sustainability and sustainability is the new fashion. This season Sublime leaves London’s fashion establishment behind, and heads to Brighton to join the real fashion avant garde

Our technology-driven generation often gets a bad reputation – anti-social, unable to concentrate and addicted to their screens are complaints heard all too often. However, it is undeniable  that the digital world has provided a platform for connecting and collaborating, and so fostering meaningful experiences that the traditional economy lacks

Rachel Dring’s passion for good food is bringing people together – nurturing body and soul of the community in this diverse and rich corner of London. For her, it’s all about ‘being the change you want to see in the world’, caring and sharing

Paola Paronetto’s family of Paper Clay products never fails to amaze: the essential style of her work is expressed through a personal interpretation of the ancient techniques she acquired in over twenty years of research and training

Elin Sigrén turns porcelain scraps into jewellery fantasies. Each piece of found porcelain is ground into shape and set in a circle of shiny, thick silver

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