Aine Carlin

Aine Carlin

Having come from a background in acting and performance, Aine has since moved her attention to her passion for ethical food and fashion writing.

Originally hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, she has lived in London, Chicago and Cornwall. The Cornish coast has her heart and she hopes to one day live near the ocean where she can indulge her love for the sea.

Aine also holds a masters in contemporary music and she likes to keep life varied and is excited about the next phase of her professional adventure.

If you think raw food is merely tasteless uncooked dishes, daily deprivation, endless salads and a smattering of unpalatable wheatgrass shots then think again. We've come a long way since the phrase 'raw foodist' entered our psyche and we're here to tell you that contemporary raw food tastes, well, fantastic. Put your fears, reservations and in some cases abject horror to the one side and join us in a celebration of all things natural, nutritious and delicious

Wouldn't it be great to have a 'one stop shop' resource that gives you the lowdown on all things organic? Somewhere that demystifies food, recipes, beauty and gives you pointers on how to live a greener, more organically inclined existence? Well, look no further than the wonderfully informed and downright delicious Organic Authority, one of the webs top sustainable sites promoting everything organic and eco-fabulous

Spend a pound, save the sea. That's the essence of the recent 'save the sea' campaign, which is being supported by the UK's top Michelin starred chefs who have partnered with the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in an attempt to put an end to all 'pirate' fishing. With names like Marcus Wareing and Tom Aikens offering their full support, the high end restaurant industry are using their clout to help highlight this vitally important issue

Brazil is bracing itself for the much anticipated World Environment Day (WED) this coming Tuesday 5th June. Preparations have been ongoing for what is set to be one of the greatest celebrations in the events history and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) are still encouraging people across the globe to get involved. With the theme very aptly chosen as Green Economy: Does it include you?, they have cleverly given global issues a community feel, asking each of us to take a role in the planet's uncertain future

Whether you consider yourself a Royalist or not, this weekend may offer up a chance – perhaps the first for some – to engage with neighbours and celebrate the spirit of community in your area. Given the British propensity for privacy the upcoming Jubilee might be one of the few opportunities you have to meet those that live around you and build real connections. So grab your party hat, join in the street party fun and maybe raise a glass or two to Ma'am

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