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Issue 23 - Beyond Matter

Issue 23 - Beyond Matter

Open Your Mind To A Whole New World

John Grant: There's More To Life Than Genes

Iris Van Herpen: Fashion In Another Dimension

On Top Of The World: Mountain Hikes In Argentina

World Ocean Census: Francine Cousteau Takes Stock

Are We Spiritual Machines? Deconstructing Materialism

Vintage At Goodwood: The Time Of Our Lives

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Stoke-on-Trent – 1974 – grey, overcast and generally forlorn. There’s little joy bar one musical ray of hope that echoes along the airwaves, emanates from car stereos and whirls around racks of forgotten vinyl in crusty old record stores. Cue the rise of Northern Soul and enter the story of Joe McCain: two girls, one sound, a lot of dancing and some very high-waisted trousers.

He has been dubbed by the American conservative magazine New Republic as ‘the most dangerous philosopher in the West’, and by the British Observer newspaper as ‘the superstar messiah of the new Left’. Sublime unpicks the issues that make Slavoj Žižek one the most controversial thinkers of our time

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Stephen Hawking has famously written that he believes there is no place for God in the creation of the universe. Some would agree with his conclusion. But others still recognise a part of themselves that seeks to be fulfilled by transcence.

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Every day, over the internet, we sell, buy, exchange, learn, organise and debate with complete strangers. Our role as 21st century consumers has completely changed.

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In an increasingly business-driven fashion industry, where financial achievement is as important as creative talent, designers are looking to pieces that will translate easily to the mass market. Iris Van Herpen isn’t one of them

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You don't have to believe in God to sense that we are something more than science alone can define

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It’s the year 2055. I’m 71 years old and living in Britain, still a good nine years away from what continues to be considered the average national life expectancy. Consumer culture is as alive as ever too, despite the pressures of resource scarcity

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