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Issue 20 - Get Real

Issue 20 - Get Real

The New Visionaries 21st Century Leadership: Mayors Of The World

World Cup 2010: Nike Has It Bottled

Friendly Creatures: Biodiversity In Your Own Backyard

Force Of Nature: Brazilian Architect Marcio Kogan

Havana: A Personal Journey

Wonder Woman: Futuristic Fashion

The Ancient Faces Of China

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Women film directors have had an unparalleled year of reaping all they have soWn. Sublime Was at the annual Birds eye film festival to Witness an amazing harvest. 

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People have grown tired of politics. But there’s one young London independent who is determined to relight our fire

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Never has the world been more in need of good leaders. Not just those with power, or those in the know, but men and women who can wisely use what they’ve been given.

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What does it mean, to ‘get real’? Can it happen overnight? Is it a truly personal experience, or can getting real be shared? Does it mean that one has to lose out on joie de vivre?

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Achim Steiner was elected in 2006 as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. With years of experience and training in sustainable development policy and environmental management around the world, he is perfectly placed to tackle the problem of ‘peak everything’.

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