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Issue 30 - Authentics

Issue 30 - Authentics

Five years making a magazine
Small revolution, or better said
An evolution of ideas
Inspiring us to change the world

Unheard of in the industry
Admired by the media
The real deal, another voice
The only voice, you could say
Ethics and aesthetics here
Values, yes, and beauty
From peaking oil to highest heels
Connecting thoughts
Our one transition duty

New generation of concepts make
The establishment shake
The forgotten, and the dispossessed
Another day of discontent
Our human nature, imperfect
Profound images of glory
Sharp, and crystal clear, a story

Stop consuming! There is another day
Start producing! In a sustainable way
Together – we all have a say
Brothers, sisters the human nation
Wars won’t work, they only get
to complicate the situation
Shapes and lines, new songs of life
Are what we want to feel and touch

Dreams of what we are yet not
Reflections of a better world
And what we hope will reach
Us all in what we pray one day will be
A brighter time. For us, we love it all
The stuff that makes our lives

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors

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From high-flying sets of parents warring over each others’ children and a top us campaign press spokesman caught in a dilemma, to two differently conflicted austrian men, the british film institute’s 2011 london Film Festival broUuht plenty of topical interpretations to keep us thinking... 

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From the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement, the significance of people power has rarely been so prominent. The faces that front these international movements are getting younger and more socially mobile. Sublime takes a look at Camila Vallejo, the new poster girl of student protest in Chile and inspiration for the international youth politics movement

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In the natural world there are still millions of species as yet unseen, unnamed. It is one man’s passion to go and search for them

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Today there are thousands of girls aspiring to be the next Kate Moss in an age when perhaps it has never been easier to get into modelling. Yet there was once a golden age, when only a handful of models made it into the history books. We meet one of them

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The current government in Britain appears to be playing fast and loose with some fantastic renewable energy opportunities – and ones that could provide much-needed jobs. what is that about?

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Back in the day, people with any idea of taste would flinch at the suggestion of Benidorm as a holiday option. A recent visit discovered a renewed, repurposed destination

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Postmodernism ushered in a brave new world of the personal. Life was as real – or not – as you wanted it to be. But the crises in finance, the environment and energy mean that we must now find a new reality – together

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