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Issue 21 - Together

Issue 21 - Together

Radical Moves, The Power Is In Our Hands

Making Home: Living Around The World

Transforming Urban Transport

Bolivia Climate Conference

Art In The Arctic

Tribal Trends

Ada Zandition

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'I'm seeking synergy between people, planet and fashion business'.

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As fast as the world of banking or politics is changing, so too are the media, as grassroots vehicles for real, local-interest information give the national and international giants a run for their money

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The political party of your choice didn’t get in because, perhaps, it doesn’t exist. Don’t worry. We are starting to make a difference, and in a way none of us has really believed possible

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What does it take to be someone who changes the status quo? Bringing like-minded people together? Asking yourself a series of questions? Having charisma? Whatever it is, we need it now.

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People have always come together to protest, work and share profits. Now the internet has raised collective cooperation to an entirely new level

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