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Issue 14 - Work In Progress

Issue 14 - Work In Progress

PJ Harvey

The Plastiki

Spring Fashion

Zula Burds Eye View Festival

Making Wonderland Wildlife Photographer Of The Year


Earth Awards

Claire Bertchinger

The Birds Eye View Film Festival celebrates the role of female film-makers across the globe, and includes feature-length, short and documentary works from emerging and established directors. A few to look out for are...

01 March 2009

Message In A Bottle

Written by Published in Issue 14 - Work In Progress

Following previous voyages across the Antarctic and through the depths of the Amazon rain forest, Adventure Ecology founder David de Rothschild is now on a mission to cross the Pacific Ocean in a boat hand-made from plastic bottles.

01 March 2009

Hidden Connections

Written by Published in Issue 14 - Work In Progress

The works of artist Gunilla Klingberg accept consumerism as the existential backbone of modern life. They overflow with images and expressions from everyday life.

01 March 2009

Energy Payback

We hear much talk of a green new deal today, from politicians of all persuasions. It makes so much sense: a government-led reflation of ailing economies, akin to the 1930s New Deal, creating millions of new jobs. Only this time green ones, so that we can address global warming and energy security at the same time as we haul ourselves out of the downturn. Much of the infrastructure renewal will be in the energy arena, as President Obama’s inauguration speech made clear. Here the journey to a green new deal was already under way at the time the financial crisis hit us. Politicians will beworking with the grain

01 March 2009

Being There

The secret of a lifelong partnership is teamwork: in the tough times, as well as when it’s fun. Last summer Mrs H and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. I always thought that silver weddings were something old people celebrated, but we are still young(ish). We met over 27 years ago as fresh-faced 19-and 20-year-olds (I bagged myself a young bride at Angels Disco, Burnley, Lancashire). Neither of us had ever thought we would marry so young but two years after we met, we made our parents cry – with joy, of course – at the local parish church.



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